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Territory Runner
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Territory Runner

Territory Management & Targeting Software

Territory Runner, Sales Software

Territory Runner is easy-to-use online territory management software designed to maximise productivity, increase sales revenue and optimise customer coverage.

The exciting geographic visualisation of customer and prospect data helps salespeople select and rank the best people to visit, drastically reduces visit planning time and minimises driving time.

Fully customisable, Territory Runner comprises a database and mapping framework and is complemented by Tech4T’s database and analysis services.

Use Territory Runner to:
Visualise your customers and prospects geographically for easy visit planning
Select and segment data for prospecting & marketing campaigns
Quickly plan sales calls and the best routes
Create, edit & manage your own territory structures
Explore points of interest such as stores or outlets
Capture information in the field including uploading photographs & documents

Territory Runner delivers significant business benefit too:
Improved customer engagement
Better informed salespeople in the field to help the sales process
Reduction in time spent manually planning
30% productivity gains are possible using Territory Runner software

Territory Runner, Sales Software

Territory Runner puts sales managers back in control of what’s happening in the field
Manage field sales rep territories
Access key management reports
Instantly see gaps and overlaps in coverage
Toggle different sets of information such as customers, prospects, industry sectors
View underlying demographic data showing concentrations of opportunity at a glance
Track individual rep activity and performance
Attach data to points on the map such as customer orders, contact details, key events and milestones
Cost from £45 per user per month (discounts available for multiple users)

For the individual sales rep, Territory Runner reduces time spent off the road planning, and makes visit scheduling a breeze
Avoid down time through cancelled appointments, instantly see where your nearest customers and prospects are
Use the calendar to schedule appointments and visits
Record notes, next visits, best opportunities, likelihood to buy