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Live Call

Phone Coach, Sales Software

Live Call Anytime – outbound calls from any phone to any phone, anytime!

Our message is to trainers, sales managers, supervisors, business owners, department heads and telemarketers. In fact, anyone who has ever wished that they could record live outbound calls anywhere, any time. You now can!

The Benefits
It is now easy to record outgoing calls from any phone so that you can review them to:

Develop your people’s skills
Maintain current service standards
Improve cold-calling techniques
Correct technical errors
Make the most of sales opportunities
Avoid potential legal or security pitfalls


These benefits can be gained in a variety of situations. Such as:

You want to coach your new and existing staff so you can identify potential learning gaps
You only want to record calls on certain days to do ‘spot checks’ for training and monitoring purposes.  You don’t want a permanent call recording system.
You don’t want to worry about whether any in-built recording systems relate to the phones you want to use
You have done some role-play work in the training room and now wish to get the learning by asking your staff to do some real calls so you can listen back to them together
You want to do some mystery shopping calls and analyse the results on behalf of your customers
You want other people to listen into the call recordings so that there can be tailored coaching for the callers at a later stage

You may have an array of recording ‘gizmos’ that attach to phones and headsets (we’ve sold them ourselves) but there is no guarantee they work with every telephone or headset! Also many organisations have live call recording facilities but retrieving the call instantly can be a problem.

Live Call Anytime gives you the ability to make live outbound calls when you don’t have inbuilt live call facilities! You can use the service from any phone to any phone, anytime.

My team have found the PhoneCoach Live Call Anytime so easy to use. It does exactly what is says on the tin and I am then able to email my clients these recordings which gives so much added value. I have also been able to use the service to help monitor my team and add value to my clients” – Tony, The Sales Doctor

How does it work?
Making calls on PhoneCoach Live Call Anytime. The service lets you make calls on landline phones, mobiles or by VoIP to any number and automatically records them. How?

We give you a number to dial
When you hear the dial tone you ring the number you want
At the end of the call, you can ring off or you can wait for the respondent to ring off and then make further calls if you want

Playing back your calls
You can play back your recordings any time you like. It is simple and works like this:
You access the PhoneCoach website
You use the secure login, user name and password we will have given you
You then have access to your calls so that you can download them to your PC or laptop via USB memory stick.
You can allow your calls to be deleted automatically at the end of any period you choose or, if you wish to keep them for longer, they can be remotely archived.

Phone Coach, Sales Software

Just tried this out and it’s brilliant

I think it is a very clever service and really easy to use

So many companies don’t have the facility for recording, it’s something I urge them to do after the workshops that I run as a way to cement learning and enhance self awareness

How much?

Option 1 – Daily Use
For occasional use (designed for days here and there). You can us maybe once or twice a month for a number. Basic charge of £8+VAT per day you have the number  (exc. weekends) plus:

10p/minute to landline
20p/minute to mobile
25p/minute to 0845 type numbers
International is extra

Option 2 – Monthly Plans
One off set up fee for each number, login and password:  £35 + VAT
(calls to mobiles, 0845 and international are additional)
All prices are exluding VAT @ 20%

Tariff 1

£35 per month

up to 500 landline minutes
one off setup of £35 per number

Tariff 2

£96 per month

up to 2400 landline minutes
one off setup of £35 per number

Tariff 3

£175 per month

up to 5000 landline minutes
one off setup of £35 per number

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Make an enquiry and we will:
Explain anything you’re not sure about
Give you details of our pricing, terms and conditions
Give you a free trial

Free trials always available – Enquire below

(you can make up to 6 landline calls to get a feel for how it works and whether it is right for your business.  All we ask is that you don’t phone Australia (!) and the calls are limited to 5 minutes or so each)

“Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for the live monitoring facility service. This wonderful facility has made a noticeable difference to the outcomes currently gained on the training courses I provide. Instantly individuals are able to hear how they actually sound and quickly can rectify those mistakes. This service enables me to accelerate quickly the learning with individuals, which ultimately means I am saving companies money. I am excited about what differences this will make to my other training clients and question now how I was able to measure the success previously. This tool will enable companies to quantify their return on investment.” – Audrey, Sales Trainer

Phone Coach, Sales Training

Permanent outbound recording
This can be arranged in some cases (particularly in larger businesses) and saves you having to prefix the 01324 number each time. We will ask you to commit to a 12 month contract. Please remember every call will be recorded.

Inbound recording
Again this is possible to fixed numbers (more likely in a large business). Call us to discuss your situation and we can find out if we can organise this for you and the charges involved. You will be asked to sign up to a 12 month contract.