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Winning presentations - Sales Activator
Sales Activator

Winning Presentations - Fulfilling Requirements

Sales Activator

Sales Activator

This eLearning module aligns with the USSA Core Skills competency. Successful completion of this course will help fix skill gaps identified in these areas:

2.0 Spotting opportunities;
Using probing questions;
Advising the customer;
Awareness of competitiors;
Understanding the customer's needs;
Testing and challenging assumptions;
Influencing customer expectations;
Objection Handling. 

Fulfilling Requirements

The Fulfilling Requirements chapter enables you to exude magnetism, build your product value and deliver a winning presentation that you are emotionally and artistically satisfied with. You will enjoy bringing to fruition your product presentation as your confidence, energy, self-esteem and high sensory awareness will allow you to confidently request customer testimonials and maximise those to support you deliver a charismatic presentation.   

Winning Presentations

Less is more! Easy steps that will take you to presenting success                 

Duration: 30 minutes
ISSM Level: 3
Level: All Levels in Sales and Service

Course Objectives:

What is included in a winning presentation
    How we absorb information
    Negotiate to close
    • Deliver a high impact presentation

Expected Behaviours:
 • Seize your prospects attention
    Effectively use 10 steps to negotiate
    Informative and well chunked information
    Rapport building skills
    Closing the sale becomes easier

The challenge for you, in a situation that requires presenting, is how can you present your products or services so that your customer or client absorbs the key messages you want them to? What do you do to catch your prospects attention? Tailor make your presentation, capture their attention with unique ideas, this course will teach you everything you need to know in doing so.