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ISMM Institute of Sales and Marketing Management
Endorsed by the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management, the UK’s sales qualification awarding body

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You need to purchase credits in order to book modules. Purchasing 20 or more credits will always guarantee you our best rate.


sales performance

What type of questions can be answered?

• How developed are your staff ’s communication skills?

• How well do they understand your prospect’s business?

• How well do they know the basics of closing a sale?

• How well can they negotiate, and to what level of competence?

• Do they have the techniques to make a sales prospect feel comfortable?

• The person who just impressed you in an interview, can they be dropped into the field or do they require training before customer contact?

Sales assessment

How to use the USSA

Simply decide which module/s you wish to use and for how many candidates. If you want to assess all generic sales skills (the foundation of any best selling practice) start with Core Skills package which requires 5 credits per candidate. If you plan to use our Team Dashboard tool (to review the whole team’s development requirements as well as  how individuals contribute towards this) budget for another 5 credits in total (a Team Dashboard report can handle between 3 to 25 executives).

Now purchase the required number of credits using the Credit Package panel above. Once your purchase has been completed you will be taken to a page for assigning the assessments. This is as simple as typing in names, emails, and selecting which modules and languages you would like to use.

Each module contains of a series of statements that the candidate has 15 seconds to rate from 'strongly disagree' to 'strongly agree'. Modules are sat online and take approximately 8 minutes each or 30 minutes for our Core Skills and role specific modules. A report is emailed back to the user/manager, usually within the hour if not minutes, comparing the sales performance of each candidate to all previous 24,500 users. We recommend that prior to assessment you forward a copy of our Candidate Preparation guide to each member of staff, down load a copy here.