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5 credits per candidate

Core Sales Skills (All 5) - 5 Credits

Core Sales Skills Audit, USSA, sales evaluation

Core Skills Set will allow you/employees to sit all five modules (in one go or in series). The assessments remain active for upto 30 days so you can plan this in advance.

 Customer Contact Test Customer Contact Skills are about generating initial interest from the customer in your application, product or service, and starting the process of creating rapport.

 Information and Activity Management Test Information & Activity Management Skills are required to work effectively and in an organised manner, with clear plans and reports, with the purpose of facilitating the achievement of goals and targets.

 Business Skills test Business Skills are required to establish personal and company credibility with the customer for the purpose of realising benefits from the relationship.  

Negotiation and Closing Test Negotiation & Closing Skills are required to establish the value to the customer of the benefits, often involving simple financial metrics, and close the deal.

 Engaging The Customer test Customer Engagement Skills are required to effectively engage the customer in conversation and start the process of qualification, with the objective of gaining an understanding of the customer’s needs.

How it works

Each module consists of a series of simple statements for candidates to score, budget approximately 10 minutes per module (some will be be quicker). Make sure you or your candidate/s can sit each test in one, unbroken session without interruption.

Once you are logged into the module (access is emailed upon purchase) the candidate will be asked to score/rate a series of statements within the given time period.

USSA, UK Sales Skill Audit. Test your sale skills

Important: Use of the USSA assessments is subject to’s T’s & C’s a copy of which is available here.

The Report

The manager responsible for each candidate will receive a detailed report that highlights strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the skills of a high achiever (usually issued within an hour of completion). The USSA operates worldwide, analysing the skills of sales and customer contact staff, comparing them to a global benchmark for effective sales performance.

Note. If you are booking a group of users to sit the Core Skills Set module, you may wish to add our "Team Dashboard” to help you compare your team’s group strengths & weaknesses. Team Dashboard will allow you to take actions to improve their performance. The option to include this item will only appear for Team users booking the Core Skills Set module for 3 - 25 users.

USSA, test your sales employers before hiring

How to buy

This module requires 5 Credits per candidate. Decide how many candidates you wish to have sit this module and if you require a Team Dashboard (5 Credits). You may assign between 3 and 25 candidates to each Team Dashboard.

Once you know how many Credits you require in total, purchase the necessary amount in the Credit Package box above. When the purchase has completed you will be taken to a page for assigning the assessments. This is as simple as typing in names, emails, and selecting which modules and languages you would like to use. Don't worry if you purchase too many Credits, they will remain in your account for future use.

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