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Customers are FICKLE
Customers are FICKLE 3D
Nick Bailey
Filament Publishing

Customers are FICKLE

How to sell large complex deals to equally large and complex clients

Nick Bailey believes that skill in the art of salesmanship is the one thing that will make the biggest difference to the economy and prospects of every country.

In this book, he divulges the sales skills he has developed over 25 years' in the IT industry selling high value complex deals, with a new generation who have few role models in sales to follow.

However, being effective in sales isn't, as most people think, about fast talking; it is more about effective listening.

This book is perfectly positioned to help people who are selling high value complex products and services. In addition, the principles it contains are just as relevant to any small business looking to increase its customers and improve their relationships with them.

This book also provised a brand new overarching methodology which is primarily written to help you Find, Investigate, Close, Keep, Leverage and Expand business with clients, hence the mnemonic 'F.I.C.K.L.E'TM.

Paperback: 116 pages

What the publisher says:

This book is for you if…
• You have been selling relatively simple products or services for a few years and now want to know what it would take to step up to closing ‘high value and complex’ deals.
• You are already an experienced ‘complex sales’ professional, but your results are erratic and you are determined to fix that issue.
• You are a Sales Manager or Director whose role requires that you review high value opportunities, decide whether to bid and then coach your team to success.
• You are a Managing Director and want to know what skills and experiences to benchmark a new hire Sales Director or Manager against, or to take part in a Major Deal review.
• You are a Bid Director and want to know how to optimise your relationship with the Sales function through the use of solid processes and procedures.
• You are a Sales oriented Search and Selection professional and you want to know what knowledge and skills to look for in a CV for roles requiring excellence in ‘High Value, Complex Deals’.