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How To Give The Ultimate Sales Presentation sales training books
Peter Kleyn & Josette Lesser
Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd

How To Give The Ultimate Sales Presentation

Discover how to give the best possible professional presentation and make a sale at the same time.

Whether you are in sales, a business owner or an entrepreneur there will be times when you need to present your organisation, products or services effectively and make the presentation count. The book provides invaluable tips and techniques to improve your performance, examples, exercises and most importantly worksheets. These worksheets are designed to take what you have learned and practise them in your own sales situation.

You will learn

• More effective planning and preparation

• Using words that influence

• Stronger delivery

• Impactful demonstrating and proving

• Handling question & answer sessions

• Powerful Closing

The vast experience of the two authors makes this book a must for anyone doing formal presentations, or even sales meetings and one to one selling situations.

Paperback: 127 pages
Publication date: July 2013