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Nicholas Harkiolakis with Daphne Halkias and Sam Abadir


Networking and Cross-Cultural Business Transactions

In recent years, globalisation, the telecommunications boom and the ever increasing need for today's professionals to conduct cross-cultural business transactions has led to a new way of negotiating, bargaining, and resolving disputes. Here, Dr Harkiolakis and his colleagues compare and contrast e-negotiation as it is in the 21st century with traditional face-to-face negotiation. Informative case studies illustrate how cross-cultural negotiations can be managed through modern channels of social influence and information-sharing and shed light on the critical social, cognitive and behavioural role of the negotiator in resolving on line, cross-cultural, conflicts and disputes, and generally in bargaining and negotiation.

Contents: Preface; Foreword; Introduction; Technology in brief; Intelligence; Perception; Strategy; Communication; Deal or no deal; Special topics; Present and future trends; Bibliography; Index.