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Sales Call Reluctance Workshops

ReMap Sales Training

Sales Call Reluctance Workshops


This workshop is ideal for all Sales People & Managers, across all industries, as it focuses on a person’s view of selling not their experience or product range.

Our unique approach guarantees workshops dovetail into your existing development strategy while empowering sales people to fully utilise the skills & knowledge training you have already invested in.

Anyone attending our workshop will …
Complete the Sales Preference Questionnaire (SPQ Gold) on line
Attend a two day residential workshop
Receive a Personal Profile detailing how SCR is currently limiting their sales
Be given “tools” to break behaviour limiting beliefs & actions
Agree a personal action plan to help overcome their own areas of reluctance and excel in sales
Receive a minimum of 4 weeks remote coaching to consolidate sustainable behaviour changes
Attend a Review Workshop to confirm improved performance and enjoyment of sales


All our Coaches are fully licensed to run this highly effective workshop and all results are kept in the strictest confidence.

Workshop costs vary depending on the number of Sales People you need to empower. Please use the ‘Contact us’ link above to find out how little it could cost you to take your sales force to the next performance level.


Summary of important milestones for each event:

Pre Event

Management Briefing 
On line Questionnaire
Results Analysed and Interim Report produced


Two Day Event

Introduction to Sales Call
Reluctance & its origins
How the 12 traits manifest themselves in salespeople
One to One interpretation of personal profiles
Practical countermeasures
Business & Behavioural Goals set for remote coaching period


Post Event

Daily Contact with ReMap
Coach and Sales Manager
Countermeasures applied
New Successful Habits formed
Achievement of Goals
Review Workshop and Handover
Evaluation as agreed with client