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Huthwaite - Account Management Strategy
Huthwaite International
3 days (12/12 - 14/12)

Account Strategy for Major Sales

Huthwaite - Sales Training

Account Strategy for Major Sales

For over four decades now, Huthwaite International have been delivering real sales and negotiation performance improvement strategies. Consequently, we are confident that we can show you how to make a tangible and lasting improvement to your results – no matter what your level of experience or current performance. By enrolling on a Huthwaite course you will benefit from our years of field research into what high performers do to distinguish themselves from the rest. 

Our ongoing research has analysed the model in which customers engage with major purchases, and details the strategies and skills required in order for sales professionals to influence such decision making processes.

ASMS (Account Strategy for Major Sales) is often the next step for people who have completed our SPIN® Selling Skills training.

Huthwaite - sales training

Huthwaite's Account Strategy for Major Sales training further develops your skills required for success by helping you to:
• Enhance the customers’ perception of the value of your solution
• Reach and influence all the key customers involved in the decision making process
• Influence the customer’s decision criteria to your favour by understanding their decision making process and having a strategy for each step
• Have an effective strategy against each of your competitors including analysis of your position versus each one
• Minimise the customer’s perception of the risks involved in making a decision in your favour
• Map the critical incidents during the planned implementation and develop appropriate strategies for addressing these issues with the customer
• Develop long-term customer relationships
• Witness a significant increase in sales revenue and profitability
• Create long-term partnerships through pro-active account development.

Training design
Our aim is to develop your skills through an interactive programme of practise and feedback, skills which can be applied to great effect the moment you return. To achieve this, the ASMS programme consists of three elements: trainer inputs, real case work and a competitive simulation. The simulation has four rounds with detailed feedback from the trainers after each session.

Course Outline - Day 1
Customer decision making in the major sale
 Account entry
 Simulation round 1
 Introduction to the Huthwaite toolbox

Course Outline - Day 2
 Competition and how to improve the match between customer needs and your solution
 Simulation rounds 2 & 3

Course Outline - Day 3
 Resolving customer concerns
 Simulation round 4
 Implementing your solution
 Assessment of real case work
 Assessment of simulation performance and award to winning team

Who should attend?
Highly appropriate for sales managers, account managers, sales executives and any other specialists tasked with the management of long- cycle sales involving multiple influencers/decision makers, strong competitive activity and a perceived risk for the customer of making the wrong decision.