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Sales-Mind Selling Mindset training
366 days (08/01 - 08/01)
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Selling Mindset

Sales-mind, Sales TrainingAbout Us
Sales-mind develops the mindset of sales teams, hence our strap-line : “All About Mindset.”  In addition to training in sales skills and techniques, sales teams also need help with attitudes and beliefs. We have used the most up to date thinking in evidence-based business psychology, sports psychology and neuroscience as the basis for a programme that lifts delegates’ focus, resilience and motivation. The result is a proven uplift in sales activities and results.

In-house training. Will your company benefit?
The benefits of Sales-Mind coming to your organisation is not just about convenience but also the ability for us to tailor our training to your specific industry sector and competitive environment. For smaller groups also see our open courses.

If one or more of the following points is true for your sales executives (including those with customer contact), Selling Mindset training can assist your organisation:

Sales-Mind, Sales Training

Already a high performer looking for what the science says about improving further still
 Very busy but not necessarily very effective
 Drifts into displacement activities as a form of sales avoidance
 Needs to move out of an existing comfort zone to sell 'solutions' or drive new products
 Lacks confidence and/or self belief
 Not taking responsibility for their own self development
 Not listening to customers but 'showing up and throwing up’!
 Has a need to broaden and deepen range of relationships with clients and or internal functions

Sales-Mind, Sales TrainingLearning Outcomes

Focus                  • Identification and execution of the key activities which make success happen

Resilience          • Developed confidence and self-belief to step outside one’s personal comfort zone

Motivation        • Thirst and desire to invest in one’s own self development

Empathy            • Being attuned to the customer’s situation and needs

Mindfulness      • Ensuring full mental acuity is being sustained


“The sales-mind programme has helped me focus on the key tasks that drive results and has given me powerful tools to keep up my work-rate.  For the last two months I have bust my target and I am full of confidence that I can sustain this.”
Asha Sharma, Desk sales agent, Wolverhampton, BT Local Business

Payments industry leader Ukash witnessed a 55% increase in Acquisition rates following a sales-mind programme.