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The Leadership Bridge

Company Coach Sales Training


"The Leadership Bridge" is a workshop and training programme developed by The Company Coach Ltd to uncover why, having trained your sales executives, put your strategy in place and implemented it, your sales are still not as good as you would like. It begins with a questionnaire looking at 30 keys areas affecting sales and challenging you to consider whether you have considered all these influences effectively.

It is recommended that up to 10 people complete the questionnaire from senior management, sales directors, managers and executives to any others in the organisation who have an influence on the sales process. The results when brought together are often revealing.

 Leads tend to be missed
 The whole sales process seems haphazard
 Sales results are inconsistent
 You are not even sure the business could handle the additional sales if your team won them

Once these results have been evaluated, The Company Coach can develop a workshop or training programme that is specifically tailored to the individual strengths and weaknesses of your organisation. The Bridge is an in-house course that is ideal for all types of organisations particularly where influences on the sales function can be varied. Having agreed development and results objectives, the workshop is customised and is then implemented.

Key areas covered in the Bridge analysis

 The market place and your competitors
 Your offering including pricing and delivery
 The sales pipeline
 Your customer prospective
 Sales management styles
 Staff development & morale


How to use the Bridge

Part One: Evaluation; The most important step is for you to understand the real situation across your organisation with regard to these key areas that effect sales. The questionnaire focuses on your understanding and implementation of all of them. Price £500.00 for up to 10 users and this includes a final report with recommendations.

Part Two: The Training; Based upon the detailed report from the evaluation, we will deliver a proposal for the most cost effective training package to meet with the precise requirements identified. Price £POA

The consultants who implement these workshops have over 25 years’ experience in guiding and inspiring companies across the UK, Europe and USA to achieve amazing results.