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ReMap Sales Training
2 d + 4 wks coaching

Essential Sales Skill

ReMap Sales Training

"No matter how skilful and knowledgeable a person may be, this is of little commercial use to a business if that person is not comfortable actually applying these abilities in front of a customer..."


Essential Sales Skills


We offer a suite of modules from Prospecting and Agenda Setting through to Closing and Sequential Selling etc. The ReMap team have been designing and delivering essential sales skills to Blue Chips and SME audiences for over 20 years and can transfer this experience to your team very quickly.

What sets us apart from other traditional training courses however, is the focus that we also place on a personalised and pragmatic coaching process which ensures that delegates have the confidence to actually try these new skills and to achieve comfortable behavioural change ‘out on territory’. Not only that, we measure these changes against set sales aims in order to get the results you want to provide a real return on investment.


Why Consider ReMap for your Sales Team?We provide a truly unique alternative to sending salespeople on external training courses which promise to add ‘real value’ to your sales teams performance, only to leave you frustrated by mediocre improvements which sometimes ebb away only weeks after the training has been paid for!

Rather than looking at skills or knowledge training in isolation, we provide a unique solution that always considers the internal drivers that are vital for peak performance in sales as well. This avoids the trap that a lot of training sessions fall into – that of the delegates understanding what the training wants them to change but not being comfortable or confident enough to try it. Furthermore if the concepts continued in the training isn’t applied and embedded quickly then it’s very common for it to be ignored and for skill decay to actually kick in.

The success of our approach is proven through the regular creation of objective case studies where the evidence is analysed by Clients, 3rd Parties, University Professors and Fellows of the Royal Statistical Society. Each study is based, not on just a few short weeks of results, but on over 2 years of data, in order to prove sustainability of results. All and all show substantial sales growth figures over 12 months of between 23% and 43%.

We would welcome the next case study to be about your sales, profits margins and activity increasing.

That’s why we recommend you look closely at the ReMap Programme as it’s a different, more profitable, more sustainable way of improving sales professionals' standards, regardless of industrial sector or type of product sold.


The ReMap ProgrammeOur approach is unique. If you want proven performance change that emanates from the individual's behaviour, not a textbook, this course is for you. Held in-house, or a convenient location for you, we will tailor our programme to you actual needs by:

1) Identify the specific elements affecting an individual’s current performance
2) Enable the individual to recognise the impact these have on themselves
3) Agree a strategy for change that initially considers their internal issues, but will also include the closing of any individual skills and knowledge gaps where required.
4) Remote coach and support the individual daily for 4 weeks (adding to their skills and knowledge base
5) Help to achieve 4 week business aims set by manager and individual (85%+ average success)
6) Work with business to create long term (2 year+) case study to prove sustainability

All of your employees attending this workshop will …
Complete the Sales Preference Questionnaire (SPQ Gold) on line
Attend a two day residential workshop
Receive a 12 page Personal Profile detailing what is currently limiting their sales
Be given “tools” to break behaviour limiting beliefs & actions
Agree a personal action plan to help overcome their own areas of reluctance and excel in sales
Receive a minimum of 4 weeks remote coaching to consolidate sustainable behaviour changes
Attend a Review Workshop to confirm improved performance and enjoyment of sales and the setting of  further new goals to embed and sustain the changes achieved.


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Price: From £900
Course duration: 2 days (plus 4 weeks coaching)


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